Through the mobile APP, you can fully control and watch the aerial pictures of the aircraft, and the images can be returned clearly so that you can have the vision of migratory birds and record everything easily.
Air pressure set height accurate lock height and position, stable hover. It can realize one-handed control. Effectively prevent the screen shaking when taking pictures and recording, and it is convenient to shoot from any angle.
The high-definition wide-angle lens has a wide range of aerial shooting, high color restoration degrees, and can effectively restore the picture quality itself. It can be controlled and adjusted by the remote control, making the aerial shooting angle large.
When the intelligent follow mode is turned on, the aircraft will automatically maintain a safe distance from the remote control. No remote control, it follows you wherever you go.
Control by mobile phone, turn on the function of trajectory pointing flight, draw the flight path you want, and the aircraft will fly immediately according to the trajectory you drew.
During the flight, if you want the aircraft to return to the starting point, you can press one key to recall the aircraft. When the flight distance exceeds the remote control distance, the aircraft will automatically issue a warning.



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